Whether stirring  a vat of indigo  in the Brooklyn studio or creating exclusive signature fabrics  with a vintage  mill in the Italian foothills, SamChurch has a love for  the natural process. Add to that  a true understanding of garment structure, the result is modern pieces with a hand finish that only get better with age. These are luxury staples that seamlessly cross into every season.

With more than 20 years in design exploring concepts in the fashion centers of London, Milan and New York, SamChurch is passionate about incorporating technical skill and individual style with eclectic dye and fabric methods from around the world.

Insights into traditional weaving techniques led to the development of a natural cotton double layer crêpe, that allows for a form fitting and unique mechanical stretch without the use of synthetic fibers.  The fabric has evolved into a line of classic hand dyed staples together with one of a kind casual couture pieces with hand sewn vintage lace panels.

SamChurch. Be Unusual. Be Unique. Be Versatile.  Be Loved.